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About Discover Carpet Care San Antonio Carpet Cleaning

During the first year of the business our two main owners, Anthony and John, worked tirelessly to ensure that Discover Carpet Care’s customer service was second to none. Anthony and John quickly learned that you gain lifelong customers by providing excellent service and have continued to maintain their dedication to top quality work. At Discover Carpet Care customer satisfaction is always the top priority and we are proud to say that we don’t have a single negative review!

Meet the team

Founders: Anthony, John, and Alex.

Anthony, John, and Alex have been friends since high school and Discover Carpet Care developed out of their shared love of business. After Highschool, both Anthony and John worked in the carpet cleaning industry for a couple years before quickly realizing that San Antonio needed a different kind of cleaning service. With the help of Alex, Anthony and John were able to create Discover Carpet Care LLC in 2014 and have since developed Discover Carpet Care into San Antonio’s top-rated carpet cleaning business. Each of our owners brings a select set of skills to the team that together allow us to provide our customers with the best possible service. Anthony is a driven entrepreneur who understands the importance of customer service, John is incredibly hard working and can troubleshoot just about anything wrong with a piece of equipment, and Alex has years of finance experience.

Team member: Michelle

Michelle is John’s Fiance and joined the Discover Carpet Care team in 2017. She handles Discover Carpet Care’s phone, email, and online presence. Michelle has years of experience with customer service and her ability to speak both English and Spanish allows us to ensure that we can provide service to the entire San Antonio community.

Giving Back to the San Antonio Community

Discover Carpet Care began a partnership with the San Antonio Humane Society in 2016. As part of our partnership we provide free cleaning services to the San Antonio Humane Society’s animal shelter. Our owners have always gotten their pets from no kill shelters and believe that the San Antonio Humane Society provides San Antonio with a valuable service.

Please take a moment to visit the San Antonio Humane Society’s website: https://www.sahumane.org/

We are currently in the process of developing a scholarship for those pursuing business majors in the San Antonio area. More details coming soon!

Find out more info about our carpet cleaning services: https://www.discovercarpetcare.com/carpet-cleaning-san-antonio-tx/